Insight 360 Feedback Tool

GNA is licensed to use Gold 20 / 20 Insight – an instrument that helps teams and individuals to get feedback on their behaviour and performance.

The instrument is simple to use and highly adaptable. It can be used for:

  • Individual 360 feedback – see below
  • Team Surveys
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Organisational Review
  • Customer and / or Supplier Feedback
  • Evaluation of Training Interventions

What you need to know

The questionnaires are usually administered and completed online although paper versions can be supplied if preferred

The instrument can be set up to measure anything;
- specific competencies and behaviours
- used as an appraisal tool
- as a diagnostic exercise to determine key priorities for a team workshop
- as a means of getting input to a major change
- as a post event evaluation

There is no limit to the numbers that can contribute

Individual 360 Feedback

A 360 report is commonly used to support a management development initiative or as a forerunner and / or follow up to a coaching assignment.

The report is typically created in one of three ways:

  1. The client has a pre-defined set of competencies and behaviours and use GNA to administer the process and facilitate the output
  2. GNA works with the client to create the  document and the questions that will be used to measure the desired competencies and behaviours
  3. GNA takes full responsibility for managing the end to end process from design to facilitation of the output

An example of a generic and fictitious report for Michael Noakes is attached. It is designed to provide you with some idea of how a report might be put together and the way that the feedback could be displayed.

We would always recommend that the recipient of a 360 receives a one to one session with someone who is qualified to interpret the report. This could be one of our GNA associates or an internal work colleague who has been trained to use the report. 

360 Report  

Other profiling tools are described in the section ‘Psychometric Tools’

A sample 360 report for a fictitious character – Michael Noakes – is attached to give you some idea of how the feedback might be presented -download.